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Popular use in professional tire shops

Oleaginous Tire Wax professional is a professional use wax for tire, mostly used by professional tire shops and dealers. Depending on purposes or preferences, there are three types of tire wax to select. This product provide the best grade in quality among our other series of tire wax, give a touch of the tire covers the faded appearance of old and browning tires, so they always look their best. Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional is an oil based tire wax, it will not cause damage to tires. Even more, it provides a protective barrier from dirt, requiring little maintenance to clean and restore that dramatic lustrous shine.

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There is nothing more satisfying than the finishing touch of deep, rich black tires. This luxurious and distinctive technology provides an exceptional, intense black luster, to deliver an incredibly powerful statement. Give your tires a noteworthy appearance that will make heads turn for, months lasting longer than silicone based tire shines! This product creates extreme luster on tires and is suitable and popular for demo cars in car show rooms & motor shows. As it makes the hard film coats on tire surfaces, the durability is significant that will amazes you. This product contains few percent of alcohol. After an application, the alcohol ingredient volatilizes quickly so that the coating agent is hardly scattering. The effective ingredient provides long lasting water repellent. Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional is an oil based tire wax never cause damage to tires, and give a beauty of a shine to your tire. It's oil base so that it will stick stronger and giving longer durability. Easy to use just spray and rub all around the visible sight area to give touch of the glossy black look of the tire. Also giving a protection to your tire from the heat as well as acid rain also giving a longer life time of the tire. provides a protective barrier from dirt, requiring little less maintenance and restore that awesome lustrous shine.

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