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The professional use interior Stain remover.

 Interior Stain Cleaner is the dedicated product for removing stains on fabric seats and carpets of a car. The product is made not to cause damages and color bleaching on materials as much as possible with retaining its stain removal capability so that an application is safe and effective. Usable areas Fabric seats or sofas, floor mats, carpets, fabric walls or , fabric products.

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 Some stain removers might use strong solvents that cause damages on materials. Therefore, our Interior Stain Remover was developed for removing stains with the focus on the safety and ease of use. The product is friendly for both cars and car owners. Interior Stain Cleaner decomposes stains and dirt and after this, they will be peeled off from a surface and float on the surface for removal. Its slightly acidic components will remove the stains that cannot be removed by normal alkaline cleaners.


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