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Restore it's natural luster and not sticky!

 This product is polishing and coating wax type chemical dedicated for the interior and it is popularly be used in the professional detailing shops. The advantage compared to general interior wax is non sticky and gives a silky and shiny finish. Further more it is not too shiny and capable to restore it's natural luster. In addition, it is also one of the favorable features which is giving long-lasting effect. If you feel you could not get desirable finish from existing other wax you are using now, this products worth to try and you'll see it's amazing finishing result. It's exactly comfortable and suitable to those who like to see the clean and neat look of your car interior.

Ưu điểm sản phẩm

 Plastic part is one of material that stand out of aging especially among the parts of the car. Interior parts degradation which is lost luster and altered in white make us feel the old formula to more than a year. “ROOM WAX” brings us the luster of interior parts and protect from aging. It is possible to use for vinyl or artificial leather material and most of the interior panels and parts. In addition, because of the neutral wax, even car owners for the first time in using, can use it at ease. Mildly water resistant, moderately resistant to acids and alkali, does not color the finish of the interior, easy and quick to apply (rub on, wipe off), easy to re-apply if the original finish becomes worn or damaged, non-toxic and safe.

Cách sử dụng

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MSP: 499-015
SD: 150 ml/30 ml = 5 xe
MSP: 499-18
SD: 18000 ml/30 ml = 600 xe
MSP: 499-4
SD: 4000 ml/30 ml = 133.3 xe

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