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Revive the original shine of plating parts.

 Metal Plating Polish is specifically designed to remove dullness on plating parts. The product is also very effective for water spots removal and a situation that black-color chrome window frames became clouded. By polishing with Meal Plating Polish, there will be no damages and scratches on materials and an application is simple and quick with the quality.

Ưu điểm sản phẩm

 Contains 2 types of agents with 2 types of sponges Metal Plating Polish contains 2 types of agents. Which to use is based upon a condition on plated parts. The initial polishing with "Liquid A" and the finish polishing with "Liquid B". Cloudiness and dullness of black-color chrome window frames become more severe when time passes. Metal Plating Polish performs its advanced capability by the combination of 2 types of agents with 2 types of sponges. Restore plating parts conditions with "Liquid A" and finish with "Liquid B" to boost shines.


Giá: Liên hệ
MSP: 920A-18
SD: 18000 ml/5 ml = 3600 xe

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