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Remove paint mists and iron powders.

 Clean Clay is the professional use and the must item to remove paint mists and irons for the surface preparation. An significant amount of Iron powders which cannot be removed by iron removers and/or unwanted paint mists from construction areas can be cleaned up with one time application by the product. SENSHA obtained lots of many requests from our customers in regards to paint mists and irons removal issues. Therefore, Clean Clay was developed. Once you try this, you will be understood how Clean Clay is totally different from other products.

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 The clay excels in all the conditions. An application is quite simple; after washing a car, rub surfaces affected with paint mists and/or irons by Clean Clay while pouring water. It makes the surfaces silky smooth. We used to prepare different types of clay depending upon car colours and conditions. However we have developed the new, Clean Clay, hence you can use the one kind for all colours and conditions.

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