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Compound specifically made for plastic.

 Plastic Polish is specifically specialized in polishing plastic car parts. Compounds for car body cannot polish plastic parts because materials are totally different and they have the different surface conditions and finishing. Likewise, glass compounds could cause scratches on surfaces of plastic parts. We re-reviewed and determined the ingredients only for polishing plastic parts, hence Plastic Polish dedicatedly targets to improve a surface condition of plastic parts. By reading and following the instruction manual attached, conditions of dullness and scratches of plastic car parts will be improves dramatically to restore the original beauty.

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 The set contains two kinds of liquids and two kinds of sponges. Plastic Polish contains 2 kinds of liquids depending upon a condition of dullness and scratches your car has. Conditions of plastic car parts are very varying depending upon what type of plastic materials and where you keep and park your car. In order to support all conditions, Plastic Polish is a package of two kinds of liquid and two kinds of sponges. In regards to the two liquids; Liquid A: to remove dullness and scratches Liquid B: for final finishing Plastic Polish is the dedicated polishing product for the removal of scratches, dullness and stains and stains of plastic car parts. It improves conditions most of cases.

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